security and data sharing

Secure and share your business files securely

Security and data sharing

Valerio Pastore, Founder

Marco Iannucci, CEO

Do you need to secure your data or classify and share them easily and securely inside or outside your company? We are able to assist you thanks to the innovative "BOOLEBOX" security application suite, which allows you to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of data from any unauthorized access.

Traditional security solutions may no longer be adequate for companies that need to protect their data on servers, clouds, or other virtualized environments.

Today many companies are practicing “smart working”, but only a few of them are equipped to do it safely. This inevitably leads to an increased risk for information security, managed by often improvised workstations. It is therefore necessary to equip oneself to use classification and sharing tools suitable to allow a secure usability of the data.

Boolebox has created a new model of “security management”, modern, and able to offer the end user complete control over their data. With boolebox cyber security solutions it is possible to protect personal data, with a military-grade protection standard, wherever they are: in the company, in the cloud, in transit via e-mail, in shared projects and on the most used platforms, such as Windows, Outlook, Gmail, OneDrive and SharePoint.

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Security and data sharing

In collaboration with Boolebox we are able to provide you with a secure tool for saving and sharing data.

Our Security and Data Sharing Services

File classification

It allows you to automate the sharing of protected files by classifying them in such a way as to assign access to them in a selective and stratified manner only to those who have been authorized and not to others.

Boolebox will allow you and your company to classify and protect documents to share them securely. Any type of file (documents, photos, videos) can be shared and protected and through a classification process these files can be shared with other members of your team.

Boolebox will allow you to stop worrying about sharing sensitive information with the wrong person.

File sharing

It allows you to share files and folders after having encrypted them by setting functional restrictions for the recipient. Through this application, the recipient of the shared file will be able to carry out only the operations that have been allowed and limited to the time that has been allowed.

Many companies need solutions to improve their cybersecurity, but it’s not always easy to find them.

Boolebox allows you to protect company data and share them securely thanks to a military-grade encryption system that will also allow you to set functional limitations for the recipient of the shared file / folder.

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File encryption

Files protected through the Boolebox application are automatically encrypted with a military-grade security standard. No person or system, who has not been previously authorized, will be able to access the protected data within Boolebox.

Managing privacy and information security is a necessary but increasingly complex activity, and the risks for any breach of confidentiality or security are dangerously increasing. It is therefore essential to have tools that can offer a high level of protection even in the digital age.

Boolebox is the new frontier in computer security for file sharing. A device that automatically encrypts uploaded files with the military standard 256-bit encryption and does not require any configuration that can be bypassed by end users.

Security and data sharing

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