We provide the following services:

FOM Sagl provides tax management consulting for companies and individuals. Our consulting services are available at our offices in Palazzo Mantegazza in Lugano Paradiso, online or at the customer’s office.

We are a management company with many years’ experience in family office management as part of a privately held international group.

Within the group, we have developed broad international management experience in the corporate and taxation fields.

The group’s diverse activities have also allowed us to gain “company management” expertise in a variety of sectors, some of which are highly specialised, such as managing ships and private and commercial aircraft.

We now offer our services to any individual companies or groups that require operational assistance and management consulting for specific operational issues or business sectors.

Regulated and registered in the register of Trustees

Mr. Ciapetti Claudio is regularly registered in the Register of Trustees and therefore is in good standing according to Swiss law.

You can go to check at the following link: Albo dei Fiduciari Online.