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Do you need to Administer staff correctly? Rely on our Human Resources specialists for personnel management in all its areas.

We are able to provide you with the administrative services necessary to manage the staff of your company. FOM Family Office Management is able to offer a wide range of administrative and accounting services by providing your company with the necessary tax and legal assistance to allow you, in compliance with local regulations, to prepare employment contracts, to process envelopes pays, to calculate compulsory contributions and taxes, and to take out social insurance with authorized insurance companies.

Our company is also able to assist you in the evaluation and selection of personnel, supporting you in the choice of selection companies or administration companies (formerly Interinale).

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Companies wishing to be competitive on the market must absolutely rely on quality tax advice.

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Our mission is to improve the efficiency and profitability of your investments, as well as to enhance the value of your assets.

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Thanks to the skills gained over time, we are able to offer a full range of general administrative consultancy services or on specific issues.

Our Human Resources (HR) Services

Salary calculation and preparation of the Salary Certificate

To calculate the net salary, starting from the gross salary, it is necessary to consider the numerous variables provided for by the different tax and social security regulations. It involves, for example, determining the withholding taxes and tax deductions, contributory and welfare withholdings, any bonuses, one-off, etc.

The salary certificate is the document that constitutes the starting point to be able to calculate the monthly net salary and to be able to provide the worker with the evidential documentation relating to his entitlements, proving the correct execution of the legal withholdings.

We are able to take care of all administrative and accounting obligations, including the preparation of contracts, the preparation of salary certificates, the preparation of monthly pay slips, and communications to insurance companies and the competent local authorities.

We can assist you in calculating the net salary starting from the gross salary and any other administrative analysis, evaluation and comparison related to the workforce.

Job contracts

Preparing for an employment contract can be complicated, especially if the company has many employees with different needs. Our specialists will prepare individual contracts for each employee according to their specific needs and requirements.

We are able to assist you in the preparation of employment contracts, especially if the company has numerous employees, each with different personal needs and situations. Our specialists will be able to assist you in the event that your company already has its own internal structure, or they will be able to coordinate with these, if your company instead makes use of external consultants, in order to fulfill the obligations provided for by the rules and regulations. local or category.

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Taxation of non-residents

The tax treatment of cross-border commuters, the management of work permits, specific contracts for the taxation of cross-border workers, are just some of the aspects that must be taken into account when talking about non-resident workers.

We can take care of preparing employment contracts for frontier workers, providing legal advice on their management, calculating the company cost per employee, registering with insurance companies and competent authorities for cross-border workers, and providing tax advice in relation to management. of withholding taxes.

We are available to provide you with any further clarification on the issues exposed or on any other topic concerning the administrative and management problems of the staff.

Relationship with government bodies, social institutions and insurance bodies

The relationship between the employer and his employees is one of the most complex, especially when it comes to social insurance.

Proper management of the relationship with social institutions can lead to savings for businesses and improvement in the quality of assistance with insurance bodies. For this reason it is necessary to relate correctly to avoid future problems.

We are available to assist you in managing the relationship between the company, as an employer and its employees.

We are also able to give you the assistance you need in managing relations with social institutions in the interest of your company and your employees.

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Request / renewal of work permits

Local authorities require regular renewal of work permits for non-resident workers. The renewal of the different work permits for non-residents requires compliance with certain rules and procedures as well as the need to present a series of documents, the responsibility of which is equally shared between the employer and the employees.

We are able to assist you in the preparation and submission of the necessary paperwork to obtain the issuance of individual permits in compliance with local tax and social security regulations, both in the interest of the company and on behalf of employees.

We can provide you with the necessary assistance in preparing and forwarding requests for the issue or renewal of work permits with the competent authorities or public bodies or compulsory insurance companies in order to make it easier and faster to complete the process in your interest. or your employees.

Human Resources and Personnel Management

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