The team of experts at FOM offers a wide range of services in the taxation and administrative fields, as well as the management of private and commercial ships and aircraft.

Customer satisfaction

Who we are

Trust Firm

The Fiduciary firm in Lugano FOM Sagl deals with tax management consultancy for companies and individuals.

The consultancy service is offered both at the Lugano Paradiso offices, via the web or at the customer’s headquarters.


Over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, human resources, security and document sharing.

Values ​​and Professionalism

Our mission is to help our customers in all areas of a company. We will achieve this through our excellence, reliability and the quality of the services we provide.

Projected towards the future

Businesses aiming at digitization can be successful thanks to information and communication technologies. For this reason we work with Boolebox, a company specialized in data security and sharing.

Administrative consultancy

Our experience in the Administrative field allows us to assist the client in the preparation of financial statements, in the management of accounting and in the organization and control of management.

Our team is made up of professionals with experience in the field of administrative consultancy and auditing. We specialize in assisting small, medium and large companies, but also public and private entities.

Tax consultancy

Both businesses and individuals must be able to address all the tax challenges they face today. These include changes in legislation, the introduction of new complex technological elements and processes and the need to manage a wide range of different activities. All this requires specialized skills and specific experience to answer the most important tax questions.

We are able to offer national and international tax assistance in the field of income taxes, VAT, both corporate and private.

Family office

We provide our consolidated experience in the administrative management of Trusts and in the operational management of ships and aircraft.

Individuals and companies face the continuous pressures of the global economy every day. Having an effective asset management strategy is essential for maintaining control over your finances and continuing to invest in the future.

We are able to offer customized services for the administrative management of family assets, tax planning and asset maintenance.

Risorse umane

We are able to offer assistance in personnel management, in the preparation of wages, and in the preparation of employment contracts.

By choosing us you can have everything you need without having to keep up with the bureaucratic procedures inherent to work. You will also have at your disposal a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the labor sector.

Sicurezza e data sharing

Personal data protection is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Businesses must ensure maximum privacy protection and ensure that their customers have confidence in their expertise in this area.

Through the Boole Server company, which uses the Boolebox 256-bit encryption system, we can offer our customers systems for the protection and secure sharing of data, guaranteeing high standards of IT security.